Thursday, March 4, 2010

Handmade Greeting Card

I'm afraid my photography skills are limited!  This picture is of my very first greeting card!  It was to my aunt, Pat McCay, for her recent birthday!  I added clear seed beads in the center square and clear glass bugle beads in each petal of the flower.  I purchased the fabric a couple of years ago, in Seattle, Washington.  I had no idea what to use it for at the time; I just knew it was too beautiful and unusual not to get at least a yard or so!  When I rediscovered it, I cut a small piece off, stitched it onto cardstock, and added the bead embelishments.  I then frayed the edges on all four sides and finished by sewing two clear buttons above and below the fabric.

I prefer cards that are blank inside, as I prefer writing my own sentiments, so this made it especially easy for me!

My goal is to create more of my own greeting cards for family and friends.  Perhaps I'll even create some for my on-line shop at!

Hope you're enjoying a lovely day! May God Bless, Jan of Fursdon House

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