Sunday, May 9, 2010

Altered Couture - My Newfound Love!!

After altering my Gran's tablecloth into a lace wrap (see earlier post, same date), I went a little crazy and returned to my favorite thrift store (proceeds of which go to the Humane Society).  I purchased a very plain white long-sleeved blouse and the rest is history!  Initially I cut the sleeves off to quarter length, but something didn't quite mesh so I removed them entirely at the top shoulder seam.  I added an antique rectangle-shaped dresser scarf to the front left, which I embellished with new and vintage buttons randomly placed.  I added a vintage doily to the front right, to which I added more beads and a lovely vintage-style button in the center, giving it a little "bling".  I created a small white felt heart that I enbroidered with crystal bugle beads and anchored a sheer piece of cloth to the front right, and added strips of lace trim around the collar, cuffs and front hemline.  I added some lovely pale pink freshwater pearls to a lace piece on the front left, anchoring it in place. 

Initially I only had the applique in the center, which I painstakingly cut out from another piece of cloth and liberally embellished with small freshwater pearls from an old necklace Mom gave me that had seen better days.

Thinking I was finished, I paired the shirt with a lovely white crinkle-style skirt I found at Wal-Mart about 2 years ago, that was intended to be used as a bathing cover up! Ridiculous waste of beauty as it's lower half is covered in beautiful machine embroidery.  I don't have a photo of the skirt, but it goes perfectly with my shirt.  Well....almost perfect.  I immediately realized I wasn't through embellishing the back, so I added two different strips of lace over the large center applique and stitched 10 strips of very small white rickrack down the bottom half, each strip topped with a clear button.  Then I decided I was finished.  What do you think?

I thought I'd wear this to our upcoming Dining Out (dressy military function).  And either of the fabric cuffs I've made should go nicely with it!

Well, must close now.  I'm all posted out!  If I had any sense, I'd post more often so I wouldn't have to spend so much time getting caught up!  Yes, that's definitely what I should do.

May God Bless, Jan Fursdon of Fursdon House

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