Sunday, May 9, 2010

Miscellany Musings

I love small antique bottles, something I inherited from my mom, Joy.  Here's a small sample of my collection.  My favorite is the baby bottle by EvenFlo (front far left) that was intended for a doll.  I especially like it because Mom used EvenFlo bottles when we were babies, and I did also when my girls were babies.  I also love the look of the teal-colored ones!  The poor soul in the front, second from right, looked as if it survived a fire, which is the only reason I purchased it (for a whopping 0.50).  It needed a loving home.

A lovely Chinese porcelain dessert stand shows off my Gran's old reading glasses.  Aren't they wild?  They were made in Italy and have small rhinestones and a simulated pearl at the top rims.  I keep them on a hall table I pass several times daily; it's a lovely reminder of Gran for me.  Beside that is a small, beautifully stitched pouch I found on a trip to my Aunt Von's in South Carolina.  I keep my digital camera in it.  I love looking at beautiful things!  Then again, don't we all?!

Fabric cuffs seem to be quite popular these days and I admit to thoroughly being entranced with them myself.  So what's a girl to do?  Make one (or more) for herself!  This is my first attempt and I had a great time making it.  I think it would look great as a wedding cuff.  Might put this one on my Etsy site (FursdonHouse.Etsy.Com).  They're a lovely way to spend a few hours without getting too hung up in a more involved project!  Which means you can make more! 

This second creation was almost too easy.  I literally cut the cuff off an old lace shirt (purchased from the local thrift store for all of $1.29, proceeds of which take care of the animals at the Humane Society).  By doing this, I was able to save the button hole (which I don't know how to do myself), then I just added a square vintage button from my personal stash.  I stitched glass beads in palest pink and rose at the top and palest aquamarine to the circles on the bottom.  I then wove two very pale pieces of aqua ribbon through the notches above and below the circles.  I think I'm going to create one for Isabel next; she wants it to be a little wild, so I should have fun with that one!  A pity my photographer skills aren't better.  Oh well......

That's it for this posting.  Take care and have a blessed day!  Jan Fursdon of Fursdon House

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