Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Morning Pages!

I was trying to explain to Isabel what Morning Pages were and failed miserably, other than to simply tell her that it was something I actually wrote down, like a journal, and I did so in the morning.  I know - very weak!  Because I couldn't remember a better definition for them, and because I only just completed a cover for my one Morning Pages notebook, I decided to share with everyone.

Before going further, here's my Morning Pages book for March thru June 2005!  They were originally kept only in a spiral notebook, but I HATE spiral notebooks!  Inspired by all the lovely journals I see available on-line now, I finally decided (last week) to make a proper cover for them.


So what do you think?  Much better than a plain old spiral notebook!

The definition of Morning Pages, as outlined in the book, The Artist's Way - A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, by Julia Cameron, a book about recovering your creative spirit.  "Morning Pages are three pages of longhand writing, strictly stream-of-consciousness.  Three pages of whatever crosses your mind; some think of them as a form of meditation, a pathway to a strong and clear sense of self."  The way I now remember them is simply a way to clear my brain at the beginning of each day and make way for my more creative self to present itself.  Morning Pages helped me "clear the clutter".  And although I was skeptical when I first began, I remember them actually working!  My biggest problem was actually getting up any earlier than I already did in the morning to get them written!

So...now you know!  And you have the name of a great book that can help if you want to find or rediscover your creative self.  Because ALL of us have a creative side!

May God Bless, Jan

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