Sunday, July 4, 2010

Time of Reflection and Keeping My Promise to Myself

The Promise:  To write even when I don't have anything "happy" or "uplifting" to write about.  Still bummed out over the children leaving.  But that's okay. It's very normal.  Egad! I don't want to be normal! Snap out of it! Quick!!

The Reflection:  I worked on the journal most of the afternoon yesterday; still not finished, but I have the pattern and where I want to go with it "in my head" so it should be easier.  Any project I spend a lot of time on - especially a new project - I end up wondering if it's something I want to do "just for me" or if it's something I'd enjoy enough to create for my Etsy shop.

Let's face it - I LOVE to create.  Love it! Love it! Love it!  But . . .is a particular project I'm working on going to bore me to death if I have to create more than a couple of?  One of my goals is to slowly build up my shop "inventory" and my "clientele" until I retire from civil service, at which time I plan to work full time on my shop.  God willing, I have about six years to go; I'll be 56 then  so still young enough to "have fun" with the things I want to do.

So far, I think I've discovered that working on tea pot and coffee press cozies is an enduring project.  Creating my own greeting cards is also a "winner".  These projects offer endless opportunities to express my creativity while keeping me from my arch enemy, BOREDOM!!.  Others - such as the journal - I'm not so sure about.  I like the idea of making journals for myself and if I were smart, I'd never buy another "blank book" again (that is, unless it was more beautiful than one I'd made myself!).  I'd make my own and the occasional gift for someone.  Perhaps I need to make this promise to myself? Back to that later.

Well, enough for now. Don't want to bore anyone!  Take care and have a lovely 4th of July!

Happy Birthday America!  And may you have many, many more!  Jan

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  1. Hello Jan!

    So nice to meet you - i can't believe that you say your technologically challenged....your blog is lovely!

    I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed my book Journal Bliss and my blog! Please check out my blog today to see what i did with a children's boardbook. It was so much fun creating it!

    Are you going to post images of your boardbook? I'd love to see it. Your Morning pages book looks pretty sweet!

    So nice to see that you are taking time out for yourself and accepting the artist that you are! Hooray!!!!

    Love, Violette