Sunday, December 26, 2010

Another White Christmas at Fursdon House!

Merry Christmas Everyone!  This has been one exciting holiday for us!  First, my daughter Laura  made an early appearance for Christmas!!  She's my oldest and Isabel's mom, deployed as a civilian with the Army Corps of Engineers in Afghanistan for a year.  She wasn't expected till 5 January, but managed to get out before snow storms hit them and she made it in Tuesday, 21 December!!  Isabel was SO EXCITED; she kept repeating she'd gotten one of her Christmas wishes from Santa already and it wasn't even Christmas morning!  Her wish - that her Mommy came home for Christmas!  What a wonderful surprise!!

Then, abut 4:30 a.m. Christmas morning, I woke up to let the cats out, but I didn't see anything unusual.  Then - look what I found at 8:00 a.m.!!!

Laura braved the cold and took these photos for me!  It was surreal - HUGE snowflakes falling fast and furious!  The news later reported this was a record breaker for Christmas Day for us.  In the period of a couple of hours, we got 3+ inches of snow!  Now that may not sound like much to folks up north,but for Alabama, that's BIG NEWS!!!  It was so lovely, peaceful and quiet.  What a wonderful Christmas morning it was!  May God Bless, Jan

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