Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yes, Even MORE Christmas Photos!! Good Grief!!

Do you ever continue doing something, whether it makes sense or not, just because you want to see it through? Well, welcome to my world! I just have this idea that it will be nice to have all my photos of Christmas together, in one place, so that I can refer back to them when I'm too old to do this any more!  Okay, so I'm weird.  What else is new??!!  Anyway, I'm determined to get this finished so here goes!! Hope you enjoy them! 

Front entrance! The snow flake on the mirror was crocheted by my aunt, Von Carson. Isn't it lovely? That's something I never learned to do, crochet. Or knit. And that means it's something I definitely want to learn how to do! The Mr. and Mrs. Claus figures are new this year! I love them! They remind me of Nigel and myself! Well, maybe us in a few more years! But they look like they have fun being together and that's my goal with Nigel - to live a happy, fruitful, peaceful, long life together! Don't want much, do I? Oh well, if you're going to want something, I say want something BIG!!

Going up the stairs - lots of red and green! I've also interspersed it with golden birds and butterflies that Nigel bought me a couple of years ago. I'd bought four of them on sale, then a day or so later I decided I wanted more, but I had to go to work. Nigel was off for a change and said he was going out in that general direction so he'd see if they had any more. When I got home, I discovered he'd bought them out! My kind of guy!!!
Going upstairs - on the right side. On this garland hangs some lovely chipboard angels we found in Rottenburg, West Germany, when we were stationed there (in West Germany). Yes, when we were there, it was called "West" Germany; the two countries had not united yet. Anyway, if you ever want to see a fantastic city, visit Rottenburg! It's amazing! It's a small walled city dating back to the Middle Ages that is known for it's amazing, handcrafted Christmas decorations, ornaments, etc. Just when you think you've seen it all, you'll be surprised to find even more! It's definitely unique and the whole city is very picturesque!

Close-Up of one of the German angels and one of the butterflies Nigel bought "en mass".

Master Bedroom Decorations! Just a note about the little stuffed hedgehog in the chair. It was in MY stocking and of all the wonderful items Isabel got for Christmas, I think she's spent more time running around with that hedgehog than anything else! Go figure!! Typical kids!!

I like to put greenery over all the paintings throughout the house. It makes it look so festive!! And over the years I've managed to collect some great looking greenery - at excellent prices - by getting it at after Christmas sales. The funny story for this year - I bought several very real looking garlands at Michael's a week ago (about 60% off), then got home and realized I'd already bought the same garlands at Michael's, at the same discount, last year after Christmas! Oh well, now I have plenty of garlands!!

The oak linen press in our bedroom. I've learned to leave the regular greenery I have throughout the year in place if possible, then just add to it with Christmas garlands! Makes everything much easier!

The littlest tree in the house, in the littlest room in the house - our "master" bathroom! Isn't it cute? Got it this year at T. J. Maxx and I just love it! Yes, I can still find Christmas items that delight me!  Funny thing was that I'd overheard my Mom telling someone that I had Christmas trees in every room, even the bathrooms.  That got me to thinking.  No, I did NOT have one in our "master" bathroom!  Goodness!!  Well, no problem really because the next time I went to T. J. Maxx for something (Heaven alone knows what!), I saw this little cutie!! And it was little!!  Problem solved!!

Close-Up of the Littlest Tree!

Upstairs guest bathroom. These three candle stands were originally black, but I spray painted them this lovely bronze color a couple of years ago. The tassels were an after Christmas find, at only $1.00 each!! And the greenery around the candle bases was a surprise find at a dollar store in Atlanta! I love bargains!

This is the Cat Tree, complete with a little red bird on the top, just out of reach!! Okay, so I've got a twisted sense of humor! But I thought it was a cute idea!  As you can see, the Fursdon Family LOVES cats!!

 This ornament is named after a cat we had named Maxwell Smart! And he was about as nutty and clumsy as the "real" Maxwell Smart character. He was an adorable, lovable cat, but he was ALWAYS getting into mischief! When I saw this ornament, and it even looked like Max, I had to get it! Sweet memories!!

Close-Up of the various cats "in the tree".

  More greenery! It's everywhere! It's everywhere!!

Upstairs Bathroom. I had a plain twig wreath here that just looked so homely I couldn't stand it. So last year I decided to spruce it up. I added leaves, buds and fruit, as well as a bird (not easily seen though). Much better this way. What do you think?  Below is a close-up!

Looks good enough to eat!! YUM!!!

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