Monday, May 31, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend!

Just coming to the close of our first "long holiday weekend" since February, and what a wonderful time it's been!  Nigel was in Iowa visiting "an old Army buddy" so I spent my free time creating, crafting, writing, reading, listening and - my favorite - sitting on my swing at dusk, listening to the night sounds and thanking God for such a blessed life!

One item I wanted to share with you is still "in progress", but I couldn't wait to show you so here it is!  Can you guess what it is?

Initially it started out as a curtain valance (sans embellishments), but I decided that no matter where I put it, Nigel might have a heart attack upon seeing it's lively colors!  And he has far too many items on his "honey do list" to croak now!  So....have you figured it out?  Here's another couple of photos:

Keep in mind, it's still "in progress".  The little black cat was a gift from my granddaughter, Isabel, this past Christmas, so naturally I had to use it! 

I LOVED working on the free-form tree!  It was great fun, running the sewing machine up and down without any rhyme or reason!  Isabel sewed on the green buttons and did a great job too!

This little antique Dutch Doll applique was one that belonged to my grandmother Irene Isobel (Isabel's namesake).  I have several of them and cherish each one!  You'll be seeing them in other projects in the near future!  One last photo:

I love this particular piece!  It came about quite unexpectedly!  And Isabel helped again - by sewing on the five little buttons on the boot!  I'm so proud of her!  As a wild "last gesture", I added the three large buttons!  I'm really enjoying the use of color.  Can you tell? Ha Ha

Okay, okay.  You've been patient enough!  Here's the answer - it's going to be my sewing machine cover!  It's been super easy to make; I just have to add a few more embellishments, then sew the lining to the inside.  The lining material is the same as the material on the far left of this photo (pink polka dot and pink/orange/yellow check)!  Like I said - I'm really enjoying the use of color these days!  Interestingly enough, I'm equally drawn to much paler vintage colors of peach, rose and teal; sepia tones; old black and white photos; etc.  So for my next cover (which I'm planning for my soon-to-be-purchased fancier sewing machine), I'm going to follow that color palette.  With any luck, I'm hoping to include a newly learned craft - photo transfers in sepia and black and white!

Well, must close now.  It's been such a peaceful, rejuvenating weekend!  Almost like my own personal art retreat!

May God Bless, Jan of Fursdon House