Saturday, July 3, 2010

Keeping Busy!

Liz and Jake (AKA: Jakie by Isabel) left this morning for a Caribbean Cruise (away from the oil if all goes according to plan) so I'm trying to keep VERY busy!  And if Laura gets her wish, she'll be deploying to Afghanistan as a civilian by fiscal year end.  I hate it when the children leave.  Typical "mother" reaction I suppose. Still sucks though! So I spent the afternoon working with my new XP printer/scanner/copier! I scanned the following photograph (found at Scott Antique Market in Atlanta), cropped it, resized it, and then printed it. It's for a journal I'm creating for my Etsy shop. Do you know how difficult it is finding people who are smiling and happy looking in these very old photographs? I was thrilled to find this one; she's quite lovely! Let me know what you think!  Take care! Jan