Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend on the Elk River!

Hi Everyone!  Was this past weekend's weather great or what!?  Wow!!  I LOVED the cooler weather!  We spent the weekend doing some work in the back garden (Yes, I actually worked outside because I could go out there without needing a breathing machine!  No humidity!!  Yea!!!!).  We also went to my aunt's house on the Elk River near Athens, Alabama.  Had a lovely time and took these photos!

Isn't it lovely and peaceful?  The sound of the waves lapping against the pier is so soothing!

Granddaughter Isabel met cousin, Brooklyn, for the first time and they became fast friends! Aren't they cute? 

Extra curricular activities included the idea of "drilling" for gold with sticks!  They were both told that if they found any, they had to share.  However, my aunt insisted she had property rights on any they found. Hmmm.

Isabel demonstrates the very rare technique of gold drilling!!

This is VERY SERIOUS business!!  Requires just the right finesse!!

No gold here!!  Where else can we look?

Okay, time for boating!!  Obviously the gold drilling has played out!!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  Can't wait till cooler weather gets here for good!  Take care and may God bless!  Jan