Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vintage Halloween Postcard Banner!

One last quick post before Halloween and the party tonight (for ten 8-year-olds!! YIKES!!).  After this post, you'll get to see photos of the party and just how absolutely smashingly beautiful I look - in REAL person - despite the ugly photo at right!!

Here it is - despite my very poor photography attempts late last night - my first Halloween Banner!

These are postcards that came in a book I purchased about 20 years ago and NEVER did anything with!  Okay, so I'm a little slow!  Anyway, I actually bought two of the books, one for "doing something with" and the other to just look at, admire and make photos from for further use.  And this year was "the year" so I carefully removed them from the book, drew a bead of white school glue around the edges, heavily sprinkled glitter on the glue and let it dry, punched holes in the top corners, ran an orange length of grosgrain ribbon through and hung it.  The polka-dot orange ribbon bows are not attached yet (and may not be because it's VERY easy just to put the bows up on top of the three tea-cup hangers!  And I LOVE easy, especially when it LOOKS not very easy!! :)

And just one last comment about those beautiful shelves - my husband Nigel handmade them for me when we first moved in because I didn't have anywhere to put my books!  On every inside vertical board he drilled 3 holes across, every 6 inches top to bottom.  Then he cut little 3/4 inch pieces of dowel rods, which go into the holes.  The shelves then rest on the dowels.  This way, I can move the shelves anywhere within 6 inches of where I want!!  And he says I'm anal retentive!!  Ha!!!        Happy Halloween Eve Eve!  Jan