Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Precious Little Penelope Leaving Paddock!!

My precious little Penelope Patience Penwater has left her paddock and is making her way through the vast unknown and sometimes disconcerting world.  Her travels will take her through many different places, as she is taking a somewhat circuitous route, but her first destination is to the lovely BeeBee in Louisiana!

Little Penelope was a bit worried at first, this being her first Big Adventure, but I assured her that BeeBee, Elaine and Sue only had her very best interests at heart and they would soon welcome her with open and loving arms.  I must confess I was a bit teary eyed as she walked down the lane, this being my very first "goatling".  But I promised myself I'd be strong, if only for little Penelope's sake.  So off she's gone and now I await the arrival of her sweet little cousins!

Yours Truly,