Sunday, April 17, 2011

Laura and Izzy Heading South to the Caribbean!

Laura and Isabel left this morning, about 11:30, for the first part of their trip to the Caribbean - driving to Mobile, Alabama.  They arrived about 5:30pm (in Mobile) - safely and without incident!  Thanksgivings for a mother's/grandmother's prayers!!  There are so many horrific stories in the news these days, but I know we can't let fear rule our lives.  So I pray.  And pray, and pray, and pray. 

Their cruise ship, The Elation, leaves tomorrow afternoon; it's with the Carnival Cruise Line - the one Nigel and I first experienced back in 1998.  The trip was a gift from his Mom, Valerie, when he was home on his mid-tour leave from Korea (which was also the year he retired from the Army).  So much has happened in 13 years!

One thing I have to say - the house is much quieter!  Ha Ha  I spent the day sort of wandering around the rooms, picking up stray bits and pieces of our lives and putting them back into their rightful, if boring, places.  Keeping hands busy helps keep the mind from wandering!

I discovered another beautiful blog this afternoon,, which is featured in the latest Artful Blogging magazine by Stampington and Company.  I swear, I'm addicted to their magazines!  So much beauty and creativity; it's simply awe inspiring.  Does anyone else read these?  If not, I guarantee you won't be disappointed!  Problem is - you might get completely hooked on them, just like I have, so be careful!

That's it for now! Will post again soon! Love and Blessings to All, Jan

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