Monday, May 23, 2011

Blog Time at the O.K. Coral (AKA: Jan's Behind in Blogging!!)

Hi Everyone! Sorry to take so long to post any blogs.  Life has been wild lately, but also lots of fun too, so no complaints here.  To catch up, I'm just going to put out pictures I've been taking and comment on each one.  Sorry there's no rhyme or reason to them.  Can you handle it out there?  Now.....if only I can handle it! Ha Ha  Okay, so I'm a bit of a control freak!  Can't help it!  But here goes - flying into the Wild Blue Yonder!!

Dundee the Marmalade Cat - Being His Usual BUM Self!!  In other words, NAP like you MEAN it!!

Oh no!!! He had to move!!! Better not take any more photos.  It might traumatize him!! Gotta LUV cats!!

Isabel (my granddaughter) made this "flower" out of cut up magazines pages wrapped, then taped, around a stick. She then taped on real leaves.  She did this without telling me until after she'd completed it, and without any kind of instructions!! I'm impressed!!  I'm also a VERY PROUD grandmother, in case you hadn't realized that yet.  If not, then read on.  Here's another photo, with a little more detail of the flower itself.

Cool, huh?  My little darling!!! Okay...okay......I'll get to the other photos!!

Hearts are showing up everywhere!  Did you ever realize how many hearts God puts in our daily path?
Here are three I found that I wanted to share with you.

Nigel (my dearest husband) said he didn't really see a "heart shape".  Who asked him, anyway?!?!?!  All who see a heart shape, let me know!  We'll show him, won't we? Ha Ha

My last one for this post!  Sweet and small!  Poor Nigel - he's way too pragmatic!!

Now - on to a small "tutorial" of how to save candles that have been made "less than lovely" by having colored candles bleed onto them.  This is what I mean:

Ugly, yes?  And keep in mind, this will work for tapers or any other sized candles.

Here are the supplies you'll need - very low tech.  I even used paper scrap!  Any kind of paper will do, or you might try a fabric of your choice!  You could even use netting from bagged fruits.  Get creative!!

What do you think? 
Here's how you do it:
1.  Cut out a piece of decorative paper that fits the height of the candle, and overlaps slightly (1/2 inch) when wrapped around the candle.
2.  Cut with decorative scissors if you have them.  I have pinking shears which made a nice edge.
3.  Wrap the paper around the candle just tight enough to hold it, then tape it.  Magic tape works best if you're using tape.  It's less visible.  If you want to get "higher tech", you can glue the paper closed, although that takes longer cause it has to dry. This is just fast and easy and it works!
4.  Wrap coordinating ribbon of your choice around the paper and tie into a bow.

Place your candle in a larger container to display.  It would also look lovely placed on a decorative plate with other wrapped candles, or any other container of your choice!  When the candle burns down, just slide the paper down and either tuck underneath or trim off.  If necessary, remove the bow if it gets in the way! 

So.........what do you think?  

That's it for now! On to another post AFTER I check the laundry!  Having WAY too much fun for a Monday night! Take care and May God Bless.

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