Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Walk Through The Secret Gardens at Fursdon House!

Hi Everyone!  As I mentioned in my last post, my daughter, Laura, and I are trying to determine whose camera takes the better photos.  Here are the results, as we made our way through the gardens day before yesterday!

Come on in!

Bridge Over the River Koi! (Sorry; couldn't help that one!)
Everything you see that's "man made" is "Nigel made", from the gates and fencing, to the paver walkways, the bridge, steps, ponds, gazebo, studio, arbor, . . . . a very gifted man, who insists he hasn't any talent!! 

Purple Salvia - One of my favorites!

Studio Sighted from the Bridge!  The bridge spans the upper pond, and the fountain (which I don't think is inlcuded in this post) is in the lower pond on the left size of this photo, and much lower down, which allows for a water fall!

Purple Petunias!  Another favorite!!

Looking back over the bridge; a lovely Japanese Maple given to us from Nigel's Mum, Valerie, as you look to the right.  Nigel planted bamboo on the left, which will eventually be much taller and be home to the pirates, Blackbeard and Precious (an earlier post around Christmastime explains their presence in the Fursdon Household!)

Whites!(I don't know their real name, but they're quite lovel)!

And these are Pinks and Purple-Whites!  More beauties, despite my lack of gardening knowledge!

The truck is loaded after Nigel's return from Home Depot!!  A ritual every Spring!

Isabel's and my first attempt at making a decorative stepping stone! About 3 years ago!

Our next attempt was with lovely little polished rocks (AKA: Dinosaur Eggs!!'s a long story for another post!)  Isabel and I found these rocks where Nigel had them placed under the swing he built me about two years ago.  Earlier posts have a photo, if you care to look it up.

Mom bought me this wire angel from Packard's Antique Mall in Huntsville.  I painted her white, which looks much better than its original "wire grey" color!

Another Dinosaur Egg Plaque!  By the way, these are GREAT fun to make!

I think these are Azaleas.  Nigel's definitely the gardener of the family; not me!!

I've had this for years; it was originally stark white, so I put antiquing stain on it.  Much better!  I stopped putting bird seed in it because it hangs too low and it's a great temptation for the Feline Fursdons when birds stop by for a snack!!

Lillies of the Valley?  Snow Drops?  Oh dear, I really should make more of an effort, at least to learn the names of plants in our own gardens!  Anyway, this was a gift from our wonderful neighbor, Susan.  So sweet! Both the flower and Susan!!

Nigel's Chinese Lantern.  He loves many of the Asian pieces of art.

More Azaleas.  I remember only because I don't care for them because they're only in bloom here in Alabama for such a short period of time.  Otherwise, I love the flowers.  Are they in bloom any longer in cooler climates?   I found the porcelain "mushrooms" at Home Depot several years back.  Lovely colors!

My lovely rabbit, Welsh! (Mom helped me name him! She's a great "namer"!)
  Mom got him for me two Christmas's ago, only because I BEGGED for him and PLEADED and WHINED for him.
Hey, it worked!!

Another stepping stone! Judging by the size of these little hands, Isabel was probably about 4 years old.

The other gate, with a view of the Studio and my newly situated bench!  Wait till I show you what I plan to do with the back of the studio!  There's a little area behind the building and I'm going to......whoops!  Not yet! 
From the Snowball Bush!  No scent, but making up for it in beauty!
The front garden and the end of our tour!
Hope you enjoyed your visit!  Take care and have a lovely spring day!  May God Bless! Jan