Saturday, August 13, 2011

Recent Projects

Hi Everyone!  Thought I'd take a break from D.C. and show you some pictures of recent projects!!

Mildred McGillicutty - All dressed up and nowhere to go!!  I L.O.V.E. dress forms!!!

Isabel's Latest Art - To remind everyone in this heat to make sure your pets have fresh, clean water!!

My newly altered ribbon cabinet!!  My grandfather made this years ago for my Mom, as a jelly cabinet.  All I did was add 4 additional shelves. Must run in the family blood!  Now I have the perfect place to store my ribbons, without having to take several off to get to the one I want!!  Yea!!!!!

Isn't he lovely?  My daughter Laura took this photo in Hyde Park, London, England. She just got a 2-week R&R and wanted to see a few countries while she was so close. I remember very well our own visit to England years ago - the squirrels are so tame they literally eat out of your hand!  I have a picture of that somewhere which I'll post - if I can find it! I saw lots of friendly squirrels in D.C. too!

Is this cute, or what?  Totally useless perhaps, but also C.U.T.E.!!!!!  It's a "Princess Notepad and Pen".

Remember this from my earlier blog (just below, when Sherry and I went shopping?  It was rather dingy looking and had little "thingies" hanging down from it that looked like bed springs!! Weird! I may still hang glass beads or something on it, but for now it looks perfectly content with the white spray paint on it.  Makes it look very refreshing in the garden!

Looks so much better in white than this dingy color, don't you think?

Isabel's Garden Tea Table and Chairs!
I bought this for Isabel about 4 years ago and it fit her perfectly back then. Only dolls can sit in the two smaller chairs now.  Time passes so fast!!

Have a lovely day and blessed weekend!  Jan