Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's December Already!!

I can't believe it's already been two weeks since I last posted here!'s DECEMBER already!!! Okay, who keeps turning the clock forward when I'm not looking?!?!?!

Have all of you seen fields full of cotton ready for picking?  Have you seen cotton after it's been taken to the cotton gin and packed?  Well, years ago, when Nigel's cousins were visiting us from England, we passed a cotton field full of the ripe boles and they were amazed!  What we take for granted around here is not something so common elsewhere.  So, the other day, while passing the cotton gin, I took these photos.  I couldn't find a field of cotton, as all of it has already been picked.  Maybe next year I'll get one for you. 
Weird looking, isn't it?  It's so beautiful in the fields, but here it is, packed down at the cotton gin.
More of the same
Looks like snow, doesn't it?  But before I get too poetical, remember that it's BLOODY HARD, NASTY WORK picking cotton!!!!  Been there, done that and I have no use for the T-shirt!! It's miserably hot and humid (100 plus degrees for weeks on end) when its ready to pick; you have cuckleburrs (sp?) ripping your fingers to shreds as you try to pull it from the bole.  Best of all, you get to meet our lovely state bird - the mosquito!! The bloodsucking little mite has a field day with you.  So......I guess you could say that other than these few minor problems, growing and picking cotton is quite lovely!

Have a great weekend! Trust me, it won't last long, so make it a great one!

Love and Blessings, Jan