Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nigel's Latest "Project"

  Wanted to share with you Nigel's latest "project" - an outside courtyard that will contain a fireplace, a built-in grill, benches, rock walls, and a fire pit!  See what you think!!

The Fursdon Construction Zone (AKA: The Back Yard!)
 The pad - that will support the fireplace

Wa La!!  Fireplace!! (or at least the beginning of one!)

 I talked Nigel into getting a cement mixer!  He said he'd "thought about it" but decided against it.  So I took the decision out of his hands, took the Home Depot Card out of his wallet, and went and bought the thing!  Sometimes a woman's got to do what a woman's got to do!! So there!!

A close-up view of the inside of the fireplace - those "bricks" inside on the bottom are special "fire bricks", made to withstand extremely high temperatures. To either side of the fireplace is the beginning of two firewood boxes that will hold wood for burning.

A cleaner look, which also shows the wall in the back. The majority of the wall will look like these blocks. However, on the left side, which is closest to the house, Nigel will build up the natural rock wall he started so many years ago.  It will just be taller.  You can see a little bit of the rock wall on the far left of this photo, in front of the planter. This way, all his hard work, that looks so great, won't be wasted!
A side view, with another view of the block wall.  To the far right of this wall is my swing (not shown in this picture).

The two concrete block "columns" (one partially hidden on the far right bottom of the picture) will support an arbor overhead.  These "columns" will be equally spaced around the entire courtyard and will be covered in rock. 

Another "cleaner" view.  The two small columns of block on the middle right of this picture will support the built-in grill.  And there will be a stone floor too.

This is the back of the fireplace, showing the block wall.  In this small space of dirt, Nigel will put in layered tiers or "steps" for interest, which we'll probably plant with a few "eatables".  I'm thinking something like chives, two tomato plants, some basil, and perhaps some flowers.  This was actually my idea, rather than plant them around the side of my studio.  It's closer to the house, will provide a great spot of high impact interest, and it's very easy to keep an eye on, as well as maintain.  Isn't Nigel lucky to have me "help" him?  Poor man!  He did say, "for better or worse"!!

That's all the photos for now.  It seems like it's all gone up in record time, as Nigel only started about a month ago.  Of course he said it will slow down significantly once he starts chiseling rock to go around the columns and also start building up the natural rock wall nearest the house.  I'm still amazed though.  As I write this, I can hear the whine of the saw blade in the back yard as Nigel cuts through certain blocks so they'll fit "just right".  He's so meticulous!  Yes, I'm very blessed!  And No, you can't have him.  You can't even borrow him!!  Cause he's all MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE!!

Love and Blessings to All! Jan