Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Stroll Through the Garden

The other evening it actually cooled down enough to enjoy a quiet stroll through the garden.

Leo and Leonora the Lions Guarding Fursdon House
Amazing, how everything has grown up this past year!  See Welsh the Rabbit peaking at you from the far left?
Old Glory! Long May She Wave!!
A closer look at Welsh.  Mom gave him to me for Christmas a few years back; he's quite my favorite!
One of Nigel's Chinese style lanterns.
The gate through to the Secret Garden!
Come on in, won't you?
A bird feeder I found at an antique shop, but it isn't old.  Just pretty!
I love blue and white china!
Reminds me of the Tortoise and the Hare! Here's the hare, racing to beat the old and wise tortoise! I found this at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta.  I love the patina of the metal!
Behind the Studio, it's very quiet and I've "planted" ceramic multi-colored mushrooms. Thistle decides to visit while photo is "in progress". Typical cat - when I want her photo, she's never around!!
I found these two metal planters at Old Time Pottery last year - ON SALE!! I love the scrollwork. They'll look lovely in the courtyard once Nigel is finished with it. I'll probably paint them a lighter shade, perhaps cream? Not sure yet, so they sit here quietly, minding their own business.
 My poor, overheated vegetable garden!  It actually looks much better now cause I've planted some flowers and additional mint; fills it in a bit. And we had rain this morning, which is always welcome! In the wintertime, I'll plant some ornamental cabbages.  I love the close proximity of this garden to the house.  And it's so easy to care for!

Well, that's it for this post.
Hope you all have a lovely and blessed evening!    Jan