Sunday, August 19, 2012

Santo Lucia

A Santo (which comes from the Spanish word meaning "saint") is a traditional New Mexican religious sculpture.  Santos are carvings, either in wood or ivory, that depict saints, angels, or other religious figures.

I remember the first picture I saw of one, some three or four years ago, in a decorator magazine.  I was immediately smitten and hoped one day I'd have one of my own.  A few weeks ago, my time arrived!  And here she is - the way I found her and the way I brought her beauty out.

Let me introduce you to my Santo Lucia- - - - - -

She's a modern reproduction of a Santo Angel, with detachable metal
wings, on a wood base.   
Lucia stands 33" tall and wears a vintage 1950-1960 Relic Rosary
 from Fatima - Terra Fatma. 
With artistic license, I decided she needed something prettier to wear. Here you
see her in her white under slip (painted on gesso).  It was quite tedious for her,
 holding her arms outstretched for me as I gave her two fresh coats, but she was quite
 sweet about the whole thing and didn't complain even once. Quite natural, when you
consider she is a Saint as well as an Angel.
Initially I painted the wings only with gesso, but knowing well that an angel's wings
 are special (and therefore must look the part), I painted them in a low-gloss cream color.
Ever patient she stood, as I slowly applied my favorite shade of turquoise.
Although  I must confess my photography shows it as a blue, the end result
 (with two coats) did not disappoint!
You can see for yourself how happy Lucia is with her new finery!
And here she is, her lovely new dress complete while she
 awaits her wings to dry.
In all her glory!
Santa Lucia

May God Bless! Jan