Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blue Jean Lovers of the World Unite!!

Yes, it's taken me FOREVER to return to my blog because I had a wonderful opportunity to visit Scott Antique Market in Atlanta recently!  I was on a buying trip with my mother-in-law, Valerie Fursdon, for her antiques shop, Valerie Fursdon, Inc., here in Huntsville, Alabama. Hey, somebody has to help her shop!

If you've never been to Scott's, I URGE you to go!  It's open once monthly on the second weekend, Friday through Sunday.  It's HUGE and has everything from old world antiques to lovely vintage pieces and everything else in between!  We literally walked for hours, at both buildings (across the road from each other) and we still didn't see everything!  Check out their web site at:

Anyway, after returning home with some LOVELY vintage broaches, an antique French grain sack, and a large stack of antique lace and crochet (photos of these to follow soon!), my creative juices were working overtime so I managed to finish the Blue Jean Pocket Banner I'd started earlier!  See what you think!

This is Thistle Cat, helping me in the creation process!  Not sure what I'd do without her guiding hand (Uh...I mean paw)!    

Here's what I did!  I recycled denim blue jean pockets from raggedy ones I found at a flew market, then emblished each one with a variety of beads, buttons, appliques, silk flowers, trim - anything I could find to jazz things up a bit!  I also left the pocket backs intact so you can display items (flowers, candy, etc.) inside each pocket while the banner is hanging!  I inserted eyelets (not too easy on denim seams I assure you!) and strung a lovely pink ribbon through for hanging.  The banner measures 5'2" from the front of the first pocket to the back of the last pocket, with a generous amount of pink ribbon on each end to tie off with.

It would work great for a girl's birthday party (young or older!) or for anyone who wants to show off their individual style and love for blue jeans!

I had a great time making these!  The hard part was keeping my granddaughter from seeing them!  She has a passion for PINK anything and I've already got a set planned for her birthday! 

For anyone interested in having a more personalized one (such as another color combination other than pink, or using text or numeric characters), just send me an e-mail at, or leave me a comment on this post.

Until later than. . .I hope everyone is having a lovely day!  May God Bless! Jan of Fursdon House

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