Sunday, April 25, 2010

15 Minutes and Counting!!

15 minutes to write! Quick! Grab a pen and start! Now....breathe....begin again. Intro is down. Here we go.

Are everyone's schedules so hectic? I suspect they are. And it's no use wishing for the "olden days" because they were just as busy, or more so, and they were really working - for their very existence! Cooking, ironing, mending, feeding, plowing, gardening, washing......who had time to write?! So I take the opportunities of this life and go with them, and am very thankful for all I have.

It's so beautiful outside. Spring time. Birds chirping, a light breeze, shadowy clouds floating by. I lay down yesterday afternoon in my studio, just drifting in and out of daydreams, watching the sky through lacy curtains. It was so peaceful; I think I must have drifted off to sleep because when I looked through the curtains again, it was - dare I say it? - twilight!

We have so many blessings in this life, none of which I think we can ever truly, truly appreciate. The best we can do is try to capture each special fleeting moment, hold it closely to our hearts, breathe deeply of its scent, then set it free. Leaving ourselves free to search for yet another similar moment. And in the quietness we occasionally find, there interrupts this urge, this very real need to create. To bring something - often we don't know what - but something - into existence. We see it in our mind's eye, but that isn't enough. We aren't satisfied until we bring it into this life. This world we live in. So we leave our quiet moments and go in search of what we must have to ease this urge, this heady need of ours. An ache it seems at times, and nothing will ease it other than creation itself.

And so we begin again. And again. And again. To create. To put breath into. To bring life to. I thank God He has given me this ability, this sometimes cursed gift, for He has given me a part of Himself. A most Holy and precious gift.

Jan Fursdon
Fursdon House

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