Sunday, May 9, 2010

Inspiration Cloud 99!!

In a recent article in one of my favorite Stampington & Company magazines, Belle Armoire (Jan/Feb 2010 issue), I hit Inspiration Cloud 99!  The article included a photo named "Tattered Treasure Jacket" by Nancy Kaschmitter, that had been created from the artist's mother's curtains and linens!  I was amazed and immediately thought of what I could do with an old lace tablecloth that my Gran gave me years ago.  Made from machine lace found at a bargain (Naturally!), Gran had hemmed it and used it for a tablecloth, then later gifted it to me.  Problem was - my table was much too wide for it so it remained hidden in the linen drawer for ages.  Not so anymore!  I immediately pictured a lovely lace wrap and here are the results.  After folding the cloth in half, I cut out a place for the neck and front (which I covered in a pretty piece of lace to hide the seams).  I then went wild adding vintage and new buttons at the top and cream rick-rack to the hemline.  I deliberately moved the rick-rack inside the seam so that Gran's original hem stitching remained visible.  On the back, I added a vintage doily, embellished with beads, and a small strip of cream and yellow trimmed lace that also once belonged to Gran.  I'm not sure if I'll ever wear it, but I get such pure joy just looking at it, displayed permanently on one of my dress forms in my studio!

Many thanks to the folks at Stampington & Company, who bring such creative ideas to us all!

Till the next posting, may your days be filled with the joy of creativity and light.  Jan Fursdon, of Fursdon House

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