Sunday, May 9, 2010

Isabel Inherits Family Creativity Gene!!

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to write a few lines about how excited I am that my granddaughter Isabel has apparently inherited the family "creativity" gene! Here is a birthday card she made for her greatgrandmother, Joy, on her 70th birthday! She glued each individual bead onto the card to spell the words! Talk about patience! I'm not sure I'd have had enough myself. I've also included the card I made for Mama, using her favorite red ticking material and a ladybug. Not nearly so creative but I had fun just the same!

Below are pictures of a very special apron Isabel made, and when I say she made it, I want you to know she made 99% of it herself!  Not bad for a 7-year-old!!  The only thing I did was sew on the two Dutch Dolls because it required a lot of tight turns with the sewing machine.  Isabel did everything else.  She chose the fabric and cut it out ("Gummi - are you sure I can cut it by myself? What if I mess up?").  She chose all the embellishments, including some I didn't really care for but that wasn't my decision, was it?  Then she stitched them all on, including the butterfly that's caught under the netting on the top.  She wanted him to be able to move around so he's just in there loosely.  Another special thing about this apron is that Isabel used Dutch Dolls that Gran (my grandmother and Isabel's namesake) had given me years ago, some of which she also included in an apron she made for my daughters Laura (Isabel's Mom) and Elizabeth when they were little!

Hope you enjoy the photos! Till the next posting then.....Jan Fursdon of Fursdon House


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