Monday, July 19, 2010

Altered Board Books!!

Having a BLAST lately, altering board books I found at my favorite thrift store! So much so that my granddaughter Isabel wanted to do one on her own!  Well, why not?  So we spent several hours this past week painting the various pages.  Here are the results so far!

Don't they look fun?! Isabel is ahead of me; she's already painted her front and back covers!

I've had "board book altering" plans for some time (Tons of plans and very little time. Sound familiar?), but never took the plunge.  After reading Rice Freeman-Zachery's book, Living the Creative Life, in which she wrote about the artist, Violette, of White Rock, British Columbia, I decided to check out Violette's blog ( . 

WOW!!  That's the best way I can describe Violette's use of vibrant,  living out loud, totally juicy colors!!  Strangely enough, because I'm usually drawn to a much calmer yet still beautiful color palette, I was immediately hooked, enough so that I went on line and ordered Violette's book, Journal Bliss. The rest, as they say, is history!  I read the book in one evening and have been busy coloring my world ever since!

Completing these altered books will take time of course, but I plan to show each page as I finish it. And the best part is that I'm already planning other altered books!  Thanks to Violette!!

Happy Creating!  Jan

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