Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kid's Halloween Party!! (AKA: Bedlam Comes To Madison!!)

Here they are!  The photos from last night's Halloween Party!  We had a blast!  I think we had more fun because it was for children, so acting goofy was the order of the night!!

First - The Costumes!!

The Lovely 1920's Flapper - Isabel!!

Hey, I'm the Grandma here! I can put more than one photo of her!  So there!!
Lovely, isn't she?  Not that I'm prejudiced you understand! Ha!

The Scary Spook - Charles!!

The Super Cool Mario - Alex!!

The Enchanting Enchantress - Becca!

The Prettiest Pumpkin in the Patch - Clara!
And guess what? Clara's Mom, Stacey, wore this costume when she was a little girl! How cool is that?!

The Fairest Fairy Princess of Them All - Payton!

The Best Costume Winner!!  The Fabulous Fairy Princess Elysa!

The Marvelous Mermaid Rebecca!
The Coolest Cat Around - Jenna!  Meow!

We had one other - The Awesome Allyson (4th from the left), but she was hiding behind a pillow when individual photos were taken!  So here they all are!!  The table in front of them was set for the "Decorating Your Own Cupcake" Contest!!  Results are below!!  Now is this a great crowd, or what?!?!

Now for the Food!! We had more than what's shown (WAY too much!!), but it wasn't nearly as cool and crazy as these are so they didn't make the photo list!  Poor things!

Fingers!!  Now don't bite your nails!!
Yikes! I didn't know Spiders liked Cheese Cubes! Eeeeeek!! 

Eyeballs and Road Kill!!  I know...I'm sick!  The "road kill" have little tire tracks across their backs!  I don't think the kids even realized it, which is probably a good thing (a VERY good thing!).  Besides, the little animals looked super cute (especially as long as you didn't realize their condition!)

More Road Kill, Plus Bugs, Beetles and Spiders!! Yum!!

And let's not forget the Green Centipedes!!!
Probably the sickest thing of all - "Bloody Band-Aids"!!  (What can I say? It's Halloween!!) 

Cutest little Mummies you ever did eat!! Hot dog halves, wrapped in crescent rolls, with mustard dot eyes!!
Drunken Hangover Eyes!!  (AKA: Deviled eggs, green olive slices and strips of ketsup)
A Martha Stewart Moment!! From my Mother no less!! Go Mom!!  She left before
the noisy crowd arrived!  Smart woman!!

Isn't she cute?  Meow!! Meow!!

Here, let me give you a HAND with that bloody punch!! (Cran-Apple Juice and Gingerale!)

Cupcake Decorating Winner - Elysa!! Top Right, with "things"
 hanging down and eyeballs protruding, and generally quite disgusting looking!!

Way too much imagination going on here!

Ghoul School has nothing on these kids!

One of Your Lovely Hosts - The Little Devil!!  Pat, my Aunt and Co-Host for all this insanity!!

And finally..............what you've all been waiting for!!!!

Yours Truly!!
Looking lovely as ever!! Oh, but wait! It gets EVEN better! 

Now you know why they have Halloween!! So lovelies like myself can come out at night!!!

Happy All Hallows Eve Everyone!!

And remember - Tomorrow (1 November 2010) is
 All Saints Day!!!



  1. I love this post. We Aussies aren't big on Hallowe'en but I'm really wanting to do this if I can dress just like you!

  2. What a hoot ... everyone certainly must have had a time to remember...such cute kids...Martha Stewart would be very proud me thinks!

  3. Ha ha! You guys look so funny! I love those pictures so much. I can still remember our celebration last Halloween. We had a lot of fun, too. The kids enjoyed it the most. They are the ones who actually helped me decorate the entire house with scary stuff. My eldest son Ewan decorated our kitchen. My daughter Alysa decorated the steel front doors, windows, and stairs. And my twins Bebe and Mimi decorated the bedrooms. Lola and Fifi (my dogs) helped us out also in decorating the rest of our home. As early as now, we are thinking of what to do for this coming Halloween. We're so excited!

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