Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Fursdon House Christmas!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

For those who've wondered why I'm so far behind in everything, here's the answer!  Now you can see just what Christmas time is like at Fursdon House!  And it isn't just me either! Nigel is just as bad (whether he admits it or not)!  Every time I suggest we cut back, he gives me all sorts of reasons why we shouldn't! 
So. . . . .here they are, photos of one room per post.  Remember to stay tuned for more!

The Living Room!

The largest tree of them all (yes, there are many trees throughout the house!).  This is what I call our "Traditional Tree", the one with all the ornaments family and friends have made or given us over the years, and the very special ones made by my daughters, Laura and Liz, and now my granddaughter, Isabel!  It's truly my favorite of all the trees because it holds so many wonderful memories!

Here's another view, taken just before Thistle the Cat decided to get a case of the "Bah Humbugs" and pee on the bottoms of the curtains I made last year!  Thistle Cat was NOT the most favorite member of the family that day! And she still has a LOT to make up for as far as I'm concerned!! 

At night or early in the morning before work, I enjoy sitting on the sofa having a cup of tea and just quietly marveling at all the beauty before me!  We've been so truly blessed!

These are the shelves Nigel made for me when we first moved here - our very first house and we've been here 20 years now!  How the time has flown!  In the top center you can see my own version of the "Wreathus Bulbous Maximus"!  I made it about 7 years ago I believe, and it's still going strong!  I LOVE vintage glass balls!  And just for my Dear Sweet Mother, I'll tell you what we called them when we were children - Waddy Waddies!  There! I've said it!  It's true - waddy waddies!!  Not sure how we came up with that one!  I love you Mommy!!

This is my Jim Shore Nativity that Nigel bought me for Christmas several years back!  I found it at Hallmark and fell in love with it, then I begged him unmercifully for it until he caved in (to shut me up probably!).  The manger building itself came from Wal-Mart (I did NOT like the manger that was designed to go with the set) and this year, I added the two large wooden trees in the background.  They're not Jim Shore, but they go great with the set!  I found them at my favorite store - T. J. Maxx!!

This sweet little Nativity was made in Mexico of tin!  Mom found it at a rummage sale more than 35 years ago, when we were teenagers!  And about two years ago, she gave it to me!  It's so precious, and just as beautiful as the Jim Shore one in its simplicity, even though quite a contrast!  Last year I made the blue background "wall" with the "North Star" on it.  But it still needs something for the base to help show it off.  Maybe this year, or at least before its showing next Christmas, I'll have it completed!

My first village!  Yes, there are several!  I discovered this one while we were stationed in Mannheim, West Germany (it was called "West" back then in 1981).  Again, I fell in love with it and did my usual "begging routine" with Nigel.  Poor man!  He succombed to my charm (AKA: insanity) and gave it to me for Christmas that year!  I have to say, Nigel was very extravagant because it wasn't exactly inexpensive considering our very low salaries back then, but he got it for me anyway!  True love!!  (AKA:  Getting Jan to stop begging routine!)

Close-up of left side of village.  I added all the trees and some Santas and Mrs. Claus miniature ornaments.  The back row of buildings are on top of old books.
A close-up view of the right side! They're made so you can insert a light into the bottoms of each building, but I was too lazy this year to set it up. The detail is amazing, but I've never seen them again in stores since then!  Which is just as well, once you see the other villages I've got!

Isn't this close-up of the school yard sweet?  Now you can see why I just had to beg for it!  I couldn't possibly leave it in the store all by itself!!  Hello!!!!

And the last photo for today - my Vintage glass ornament (AKA: "Waddy Waddy") Tree!!  I bought this tree years ago at a garden center.  It was stark white all over.  Then one year I spray painted the tree part a dark green! It looked great and it stayed that way for several years. However, I got bored with it one year and decided to go back to a lighter shade.  So I repainted the whole thing in a creamy color, then antiqued the building! I think this is the winner.  At least I think it will stay this way!

That's all for today!  I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as Nigel and I enjoy decorating our home!  Until we meet again, have a wonderful and peaceful holiday season!

Merry Christmas and May God Bless!


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  1. Hey Mom! Love the decorations! I can't wait to get home to see what new stuff you have this year! Love you!