Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Georgia Leaving Alabama for Louisiana!

Just a "goat up" - Georgia retired early tonight, in preparation for her trip to Louisiana tomorrow!  She's very excited and hopes to try a bit of "Cajun Cuisine" while she's there.  She's also looking forward to meeting Auntie BeeBee too!  She's heard of some of the lovely creations BeeBee has made and can hardly wait for her own "star makover".

I discovered Georgia loves to chase butterflies!  Not easy at this time of year, but she managed to find three of them!

Love, Hugs and Blessings, and a Merry Christmas to All! Jan

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  1. Oh Georgia, it's nice to hear from you. Mummy has missed you so much. Be a good girl for Auntie Beebee and don't forget to thank Auntie Jan for taking such good care of you.
    Hugs from you loving Mummy xx