Friday, May 21, 2010

Princess Isabel

Not that I'm a PROUD grandma or anything.  No, not at all!! These photos were taken at Isabel's first dance recital this past Saturday!  It was held at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville; a massive crowd, yet they performed quite well! This year was Elementary Jazz I.  Next year is "Creative Dance" and I'm told they get to go barefoot and dance like tigers and lizzards and bears would dance!  Sounds like a future blog moment!!  Thanks for dropping in!  Jan of Fursdon House

Dundee in the Flower Pot! Dundee!!!  I was leaving for church this past Sunday morning when I spotted him on top of the flower pot on our porch ledge!  Nigel was wondering why his flowers were looking a little flat!!  Now we know! Gotta LUV a cat like this!!     Best Wishes for a Peaceful Weekend to All!  Jan