Monday, June 14, 2010

The "Finished" Sewing Machine Cover!

Nigel's words ring in my ears - measure twice, cut once.  I measure almost once and cut three times!  SCREAM!!  Will I ever learn to measure properly the first time? I get so excited about what I'm doing and I "just know" it will work itself out.  And it does - after I work it out myself with re-cuts!  Anyway, here's the completed sewing machine cover.  Somewhat different because it was about 4 inches too long and 4 inches too deep!  But......I LOVE the end product!  I had an absolute blast putting it all together and I'm seriously considering making some for my Etsy shop (  You have to admit - this is much nicer than those plastic covers that come with the machine!

Okay. Okay.  Here are the photos!  Hope you enjoy them!

Front Side of Cover - Isabella Cat meowing at a Blue Moon!

Detail - Little Blue Bird of Happiness!  Found at a local antiques mall with the certain knowledge that "one day" I would use it for something.  Now I know what that "something" was!

Back side of cover - Little Dutch girl cutting flowers!  Notice the scissors in her hand!  I saved that off another piece I was working on.  Again, I had no idea what it would be for at the time, but it was way too cute just to throw away!!  The girl is one of my Gran's appliques!  I have quite a few of them, all in different colors.  She made several small quilts of them for my girls when they were growing up.  I added the small white buttons.  It's very humbling to work on something that Gran created.  I feel closer to her, a part of her.  And of course this is where I got much of my own creativity from.

Detail - Button Flowers!  I could make these all day!  Loads of fun and super easy!

Right side of cover - Fancy boots!  Couldn't resist! Isabel sewed the boot buttons on by herself!  She's a GREAT help!  And my inspiration for all things fun and happy!

Left side of cover - The measuring tape is actually a ribbon cut from an old worn-out dress belonging to one (or both) of my girls!  The felt flowers are from my failed "first attempt" (but not the last!) at making luggage tags.  I like them much better here.  Don't you?

And finally - the top of the cover!  This was actually the first piece I started working on last year - when it was going to be a curtain valance!  I love the blues and greens of these fabrics and knew I had to do something that included them.

So what do you think?  I'd love to hear from you!  Jan