Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nigel's Koi Pond

Took these photos of Nigel's Koi pond the other day because it was looking so beautiful!  He's done such a wonderful job on it and it's so peaceful to sit and listen to the running water.   Unfortunately, we have some kind of "critter" that's been stealing and presumably eating the fish.  Since he put it in, we've had a visit from a raccoon, a heron and now we think we might have a wild goose (at least that's what it sounded like) but we haven't been able to spot it.  It knows it isn't supposed to be there so it keeps well hid. 

There are two very large Koi left from the original 12 Nigel purchased for this upper pond, but they've developed a very keen sense of survival and hide under the bridge whenever they sense anyone (or anything) nearby.  These are all babies from the original 12!

These are the "middle sized" Koi.  There are babies everywhere, but didn't show up well in the photos because they're so small.  There are probably about a hundred of them.  They reproduce like rabbits!

Nigel's and my favorite are the pink water lilies!  They're amazing, coming out early in the morning, then closing up and going underwater at night!

True beauty!

A bit dirty after a few large Koi were flopping water and algae around this one, but it was still too beautiful to ignore!  And they're perennials!  These are from last year!

Farmers Market, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Just a few photos from the Farmers Market in Murfreesboro, Tennessee!  Such wonderful fresh veggies, fruits, herbs, plants, pickles, dips and spreads, fresh beef (frozen due to health code) from grain fed cattle....even homemade pasta and sauce!  I also tried a watermelon salsa.  Sounds weird, but tasting is believing and it was DELICIOUS!!  But don't take my word for it!  Go to Murfreesboro and try some yourself!!  The Market is there every Saturday morning around the Town Square!  Here are some of the photos.  They're not the best because we had to use Sherry's phone, because yours truly forgot to bring the camera!  Great, huh?  Talk about frustration!  Anyway, here are the ones that survived.

What a delicious salad I could make with these veggies! YUM!!

The guy was picking up the melons from the back of the truck and tossing them to the lady, who was stacking them on the tables.  Try as I did, I couldn't catch a melon in mid-air.  But they were obviously well versed in this act!

I found most of the prices to be extremely reasonable!

Beautiful fresh flowers to go with the wonderful veggies! No preservatives here!

Beautiful plants of every sort, and you knew they were accustomed to the Southern heat so you didn't have to worry about them living once you got them home!