Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fursdon House Studio Debut!!

Hi Everybody! 

Here's Nigel's FINEST work yet, and that's saying a LOT, considering how many beautiful things he's created over the years!  Of course I might consider this the best because this one is strictly for ME, only ME, and nobody else but ME!!!  And before you ask, the answer is.........NO!  He's NOT for rent!!  He might agree to it, but I wouldn't!!  Okay, so I'm GREEDY!! I admit it!  Enjoy the photos!

Nigel turned the original slanted concrete slab entry (meant for helping get the wheelbarrow and lawnmower inside easier) to a two-step entry.  

But simple steps weren't good enough; oh no! Now he's beginning to chisel rock for the top of the concrete!!  I should have a "complete" photo for you in about a week. My question to him many years ago was:  "How do you know what to chisel off?" His answer to me:  "Just get rid of everything you don't want." Ended that conversation pretty quickly and I haven't asked him any more since then!

Now for my "prized piece"!  The chandelier!  I got this from my brother's "much better half", Pat Doris, in November last year.  They were renovating her house and were going to get rid of this chandelier because it didn't go with the updated features of the house.  It was literally DRIPPING with crystal prisms, crystal ropes, etc.  Way too fancy for me in that state, but I loved the actual shape of it, so I BEGGED to have it for myself! No, I'm definitely not above begging!  And it was well worth it!  First thing I did was strip all the wiring and the crystal off,which I'll eventually "do something with".  Then I put it up in my garage attic for awhile because I knew Nigel wouldn't appreciate me getting "one more piece of junk".  Silly man! Well, quite frankly, I'd kind of forgotten about it until a few weeks ago, when I went to the attic to search for something, and there it was - in all it's antiqued looking splendor!  And I just KNEW it was meant for my Studio!
 I'm not going to re-wire it because I've always wanted to at least try having a chandelier with real candlelight! So now is my chance! I plan on using small 2-3 inch votive candles, at least for special occasions, which might turn out to be more often than not!  And Nigel put in track lighting under both loft ceilings, so that will give me the light I need for close up work! 

Thank you Pat! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Lousy photography again! Sorry!  This photo shows the track lighting to the bottom right of the chandelier, and the lovely aqua paint!!  You can also see the wire shelves Nigel put in.

More lousy photography!  This is the far left of the back wall.  I tried to get a picture of the whole wall, but the sun was glaring and it didn't work out.  Anyway, just picture the entire back wall with these wire drawers and shelves!  Though not exactly easy to install because there were no directions, Nigel said it was still much easier than building the shelves out of wood, which he'd originally planned.  Being the wonderful wife that I am (cough! cough!), I saw these on one of our multiple trips to Home Depot and suggested we go with them rather than the wooden ones.  It was about the same cost, but MUCH FASTER to put together and I can change out the configuration later on if I want (and if Nigel agrees!)

And here are the lovely painted walls and high narrow windows. I LOVE the color! I think they call it "sea glass", although I changed the color slightly from the original because I needed it darker than originally intended.  It reminds me of the ocean!

Here's the man himself - Nigel Robert Fursdon!! One very proud grandpa to one very lucky granddaughter, Isabel Elise Fursdon.  Isabel was "helping" with "our" studio.

And this is me - very pleased with myself and especially my wonderful husband! Isabel took this photo herself!  She's better at it than I am!! 

This past weekend, I started moving my "stuff" from the upstairs bedroom out to the Studio.  And do I have STUFF!!  I couldn't believe how many trips I made, up and down stairs, in one building and out of another, with the cold wind blowing the doors open and closed whenever I wanted the exact opposite to happen.  It certainly doesn't look very neat any longer, but I'm determined not to rush getting set up. After Christmas and the New Year, I'll slowly start organizing things, which I'm greatly looking forward to!

Well, that's it for now!  Next entries to this blog will hopefully be of all the Christmas decorations I've been  putting up - in my spare time between stuffing the studio and working full time!! Will I ever learn an easier schedule?  Oh well.....Take care and may God bless.  Jan