Monday, February 21, 2011

Fursdon House Studio Update!!

Hi Everyone!  I've been working very hard getting my studio organized and I wanted to show you my "before and after" photos!  The first picture shows how it was before I started carrying things over from the house.

Wow!  So nice and clean and uncluttered!!

And LOTS of empty shelves!! Surely that's plenty of space!!

Hmmmmmm...................what happened here? 

And where are all my empty shelves?
  Did you notice the purple dress? It was Isabel's but it doesn't fit her anymore. Its so beautiful I've decided to keep it. The top is dark purple velvet and the skirt is a paler purple silk, with silk ribbons hanging down, to which silk pansies are attached! It's what I call a Fairy Tale Princess Dress!

I'm very excited to have found a use for this white cabinet!  My grandfather made it himself, as a jelly cabinet for my Mom.  And since Mom doesn't have room for it, she gave it to me!!  It's going to hold ALL of my ribbons, which are considerable, so I'll probably put more shelves in to keep the colors separated.

Okay, so I have a few things.  Big deal!!
Okay, maybe more than just a "few" things.
Okay, okay! Maybe a LOT more than a "few things"!

But I'm getting things organized - slowly - so I know where everything is and I'm still inspired by it all.  I'm beginning to think I might just fit everything in!  See the top two shelves?  Everything is sorted out and lined up!  Oh how I LOVE to organize things!  And many items have already been placed up above, in the loft area. However, I still have some things inside the house, but there wasn't any more room left to bring them out! Still............ I think I can do it!

I think I can! I think I can!
Love, Hugs and Blessings! Jan

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  1. What a nice space Jan, it's going to be perfect when you get it organized. You give me the umph to get mine reorganized so I can find things again! Great work Jan!