Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Great Friends!

Hi Everyone and Happy Tuesday!  March is almost over and the trees and shrubs are in lovely bloom!  Of course, my sinuses are in full rebellion, but it's worth it to see such beauty every spring!

We had a lovely visit last week from our good friends, Doug and Renee Minteer, from Eldora, Iowa!!  Doug and Nigel are "old Army buddies from way back" who thoroughly enjoy each other's company.  Of course part of the charm lies in the fact that when they're together, they both get to relax, which neither of them do very often!  At least sometimes they relax.  Nigel is visiting them in May to help Doug build a deck!  Always something to do, isn't there!?

Isabel was quite put out by the fact that their daughter, Dana, didn't get to visit this trip because she was away on another trip with her school.  Even though Dana is 14, she made great friends with Isabel on their last visit here, so I promised Isabel that I'd put Dana's picture on the blog.  And here she is!!

Hi Dana!  Hope you're checking out the blog!!  I still can't believe how grown up you're getting!  Of course I'm not getting any older myself! Ha Ha

Well, that's all for now! Hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather! And for those of you who haven't had that pleasure yet, here's wishing you a speedy arrival of it!

May God Bless, Jan

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  1. Dana will be impressed that she made it onto your blog. I love all the pictures of your new studio-keep up the good work.Much love and blessings to you!!Please tell Isabel that Dana was also saddened by the fact that she didn't get to spend time with her favorite southern friend-maybe next time!