Friday, April 8, 2011

The Tiny Easter Tree!

Okay, so maybe it isn't tiny.  But it's definitely lovely!!  I actually found it in a catalog a couple of years ago, around November and it was painted black of all things!  I  believe it was designed to be a very sophisticated Christmas tree.  I know! It sounds terrible even now! had GREAT possibilities!  So naturally I painted it and hung all the fun Easter ornaments I've collected over the years on it.

At the base, I put most of the girls' Easter rabbits they received as gifts over the years, along with my lovely St. Francis of Assisi statue by Jim Shore, and a lovely angel I found years ago at Hobby Lobby!  Great store!

Of course, my photography skills are sadly lacking, but you can see for yourself how much fun Isabel and I had decorating it!  The little satin pink hearts were made by my grandmother; she LOVED pink and she LOVED hearts.  So you can see I come by my tastes quite honestly!

On this photo, you can see small natural wooden eggs, about the size of a robin egg, which are hand-painted with simple little rabbit scenes.  I found them about 30 years ago, in West Germany (as it was then known), in a department store similar to a Wal-Mart (though I'm not sure if they still exist).  At any rate, they were all scattered in this large cardboard bin that stood about 4 1/2 feet tall, with loads of other items I would call plastic junk!  But the best part was that they were selling them for literally pennies apiece!  I'm afraid the Germans were treated to a typical display of American Shopaholic-ism that day, as I delved and pulled, pushed and prodded, until I was satisfied I'd found them all!  Well, I am half German after all, so it came naturally to me!  And the other half is Irish, so my stubborn streak was ignited too!  Egad!!!

You can also see two of about eight flat white egg shapes with candy stripes.  Isabel and I made these out of air dried clay about years ago!  And the glittery pastel eggs came from an After Easter sale (around July) at Pier I.  I think I may have spent $15.00 for all of the because they were desperate to get rid of them for needed floor space!  So I obliged them and took the little darlings off their hands!  Wasn't that nice of me?

Last year I didn't put this tree up, and Miss Isabel Elise Fursdon was MOST displeased!  So I had to promise her (I think we even "pinkie swore") that I would not make the same mistake this year!

Well, that's it for this post .  Perhaps I'll take photos of the other Easter goodies tomorrow.  It's been a very LONG week at work so it will be nice to focus on fun and frivolous things like candy rabbits and chickens that lay bubble-gum eggs!  Till and blessings to all!  Jan


  1. I think it's beautiful Jan, and loaded with so many happy memories. Thanks for sharing your pretty tradition, I'm with Isabel, never leave it out of the Easter decor!

  2. What a fabulous tree full of love and great memories. I can just picture you bent over that bin looking for those little eggs.