Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Infamous Ladder is Completed!!

You wouldn't think there would be much trouble finding a wooden ladder, sans hardware and metal.  Just your run-of-the-mill, old fashioned wooden ladder, albeit a little taller than normal - about 12 feet high.  That's what I thought when we first started looking for one to access the two loft areas of the Studio.  We were quickly proved wrong!  First of all, they don't make wooden ladders in large quantities like they used to, so naturally they don't exist in places like Home Depot.  You'll find plenty of wood and metal ones, but mostly metal ones, with all kinds of neat little gadgets and safety measures and Heaven knows what else - all designed to last forever (yeah, right!) and keep the individual climbing it wrapped in the most heightened safety measures possible. 

Look, I said, all I want is wooden ladder!  And no, I do NOT want one that has round dowels for steps.  That doesn't sound very comfortable to step on!  And no, I do NOT want to spend upwards of $1,000.00 to have one specially made just for me, using the latest technology and eco-friendly wood!  So what's a lady to do?!?!?!

Call Nigel Fursdon to the rescue - that's what!!

Now this may look like an ordinary wooden ladder, but it's quite the opposite!  True to Nigel's abilities, it's not only sturdy and very well balanced, it's also highly functional and easily moved from one side of the loft to the other and, even better, moved to the opposite loft just as easily!  All this - and it's just plain beautiful!  It's a work of art, even if I say so myself!

Of course, Nigel will laugh to see such a description, but it's true nonetheless and I write it here as an affirmation of his mutiple and substantial talents. I'm truly and wonderfully blessed!! Blessed beyond measure!

It has two metal hooks at the top which, when the bottom of the ladder is lifted, allows the whole to be slid along the metal bars fastened to the fronts of each loft.  And when the ladder is lowered, you can tell before getting on it whether it's balanced because of the slant he's given to the bottom side pieces.  All ladders these days have this, but it's nice to have it done in wood rather than metal!  To get it from one loft to the other, you simply pull on the top part to stand it upright, then turn it around and place it on the metal bar of the opposite loft!

Isabel thoroughly enjoys "perching" mid-way up (she discovered what "perching" meant just today) and made the following comments regarding Grandpa Nigel's talent: 

"This ladder is great Gummy, because Grandpa builds things really good.  Just look at this roof.  It hasn't fallen down yet!  And now we've got the ladder too!"

Then, almost in the same breath......."Gummy?  When can we paint it?  Can I help, cause I want to paint some too!  How long do we have to wait till we can paint it?  Can we put hearts and butterflies on it?"

Yes, we are going to paint it!  After numerous hours of vascilating between the merits of a "natural" look that would be stained lightly to allow the beauty of the wood grain to shine through, or painting it a particular color to coordinate with the rest of the studio, the final vote was for .........better yet, you're just going to have to wait, because you'll NEVER guess what I've decided to do with it!  But I will guarantee this - there won't be another one of its kind in the entire world!!  Unless of course I have a twin!  Egad!!

And there you have it folks!  The Wacky and Wonderful World of Fursdon House Studio!!

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