Saturday, September 3, 2011

Going Home - By Way of Ashville, North Carolina and Murfreesboro, Tennessee

One last view of the Washington Monument before leaving D.C.

I didn't realize the flags from all 50 states flew at the base of this monument.  Very fitting! 
Beautiful old Woolworth's Building in Ashville, North Carolina!  Look at that architecture!  It's been turned into an Artist's Gallery and Show Room.  Needless to say, I had to go in!! 
Out of sequence, but this is Isabel hamming it up with Stripes at the Metro in D.C. the night before we left.  
Silly Izzy at the Solace Restaurant in Ashville, NC.  The restaurant's owners opened about 4 months previously and only serve organically grown food they either purchase or grow themselves.  Delicious! 
These next four slides are so interesting.  It's live street art in Ashville.  Two women, dressed in antebellum style, but everything is painted in gold!
They remain perfectly still for five or ten minutes and unless you see them actually move to a new position, you wonder if they aren't statues. 
They had quite a following!  Lovely to watch, because when they did move, it was in very slow motion, as if they were animated electronically.
A fun treat and I enjoyed every minute of it, even if I did almost lose sight of everyone else 
Squirrels were everywhere we went!  They were in D.C. on the sidewalks and in the trees beside the museums. On trails and along the streets!  Quite tame!  I got some lovely photos! This is Sammy Squirrel. 
Sabrina Squirrel
Sebastian Squirrel 
A lovely old building in Ashville.  I love buildings with unusual architectural interests.  
Somewhere between Ashville, North Carolina and Murfreesboro, Tennessee - at yet another Starbucks!!  It's safe to say we worked hard to improve the nation's economy, especially at Starbucks, on this entire trip! Wasn't that very considerate of us? 
Isabel wanted this shirt because she wanted to be Sherry's twin, even though she wasn't 51.  Oh well, we let the rules slide a little for her.  She was such a GREAT traveler! I still can't believe how well she behaved, as if she were an adult, instead of an almost 9-year-old on a week long trip!  Yea Isabel!!!!! 
The aftermath!  Eeeck!!  Cute cat shirt though! 
After Aftermath! Eeeeck again!!

Well folks, that's it.  The D.C. trip of 2011!  I'm still enjoying the books and small pieces of artwork I bought. And I've also promised myself I'd create a scrapbook about the whole trip!! I'm my own worst enemy!!   Believe it or not, you haven't seen all of the pictures yet!  But having a scrapbook that you can actually pick up in your hands is so much fun, especially years from now.  Isabel and both my girls L.O.V.E. looking at their own scrapbooks.  I think they're an important and fun way to preserve a little bit of our past!

Take care and enjoy the Labor Day Weekend!  With Love and Blessings to All! Jan

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  1. The triangular building reminds me of the Lauthe hotel that was once in our city. Amazing architecture. We also had a Woolworth's where I spent many a time and many a dime! Your shot of the Washington Memorial is so beautiful Jan, and I'm amazed at the "Golden Girls"! Awesome, awesome posts of your trip, a fun travelogue!