Friday, September 2, 2011

The Marine Corps Memorial - Iwo Jima

I was especially pleased to see this memorial and watch the parade and drill. My father was a Marine, a Drill Sergeant.  I know he was watching with me, the same way I used to crawl up behind his recliner on Saturday nights when he watched John Wayne movies, including Iwo Jima!  I would sit as quiet as a mouse (at least I thought I was quiet) because I loved John Wayne movies just like he did.  Dad never said anything, but I discovered he knew where I was because he would silently put his hand down with whatever snack he was eating and give me some.  But we each went on pretending I wasn't there and at the end of the movie, while the credits were playing, I'd quietly return to my bedroom.
The Marine Corps Memorial - Iwo Jima - at Twilight

Beautiful and poignant
 Every Tuesday evening, from Memorial Day to Labor Day each year, the U.S. Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps and Silent Drill Team perform at the Marine Corps Memorial - Iwo Jima.

After the band finishes, they march to the far left corner of the field. Everyone gets quiet, looking around, wondering what is next.  Then you see them - slowing, methodically - march from behind the Iwo Jima Memorial on both sides and onto the field. 

The Marines of Marine Barracks Washington, D.C.

Marine Barracks Washington, D.C., also known as 8th and I, is the oldest post of the Marine Corps. Its location on the corner of 8th and I Streets was personally selected by President Thomas Jefferson and Lieutenant Colonel William Ward Burrows, the first official Commandant of the Marine Corps.

The Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon then emerges from the main group.  You can hear a pin drop when they begin their 13-minute drill.
To see them perform, go to this link:

Preparing to leave the field.

The names of every engagement the Marine Corps have fought in are listed around the base of the memorial.

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