Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our New Deck!!

Hi Everybody!

I wanted to share photos of our new deck with you that Nigel just built and Yours Truly just painted!  Check it out!

As usual, he did a FANTASTIC job!!

He also removed the railings that were built when the desk was first put in.  It really opens up the space visually, as well as literally.  Back then, there weren't an trees or shrubbery - nothing really except a giant empty back yard that Nigel was determined to fill up.  Twenty years later - things are slightly different!  Also, with the rails gone you can see what I consider his finest work - the rock edging he put around the circumference of the deck and flower beds! 

I haven't finished painting yet so guess what's in store for my upcoming weekend?!?!  But I figured that if he could build it, I'd get it painted. Of course, my muscles aren't overly pleased with me, but they can just deal!

 One last view!  Isn't it a great looking deck!!

Well, that's all for tonight. Just wanted to share with you!  Isn't this cooler weather wonderful?  It only registered about 80 degrees Fahrenheit today!!  LOVELY!!!!  I sure hope it doesn't heat back up too soon. Quite frankly, I'm ready to say "Goodbye Summer and Hello Autumn!!

Take care and have a great evening! Jan


  1. Wow it looks so good with the rock edging. Good luck with the final touches to you and your muscles.

  2. The deck is beautiful! I love the rock walls around the planting beds. Very nice job and the painting looks good too!

  3. Great job on building it! Your spacious deck and beautiful plants made it look like you have a mini park. The way you set-up your deck gives a relaxing atmosphere where you just want to let loose any stress that’s bothering you.

    Anthony Blommel

  4. Wow! Your deck looks great! How’s the deck now? Don’t forget to keep tabs on the spaces between the floor boards, since dirt and debris can get stuck in them. You surely wouldn’t want them to be breeding grounds for fungi and bacteria that can damage the deck.

    - Christian Renwick

  5. I agree with Christian, you should fix those spaces between the floorboards as soon as possible or else dirt and bacteria will accumulate. Overall, I think your deck is very shiny and wonderful!