Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lazy Days!

Did you ever have those days when you flat out didn't want to do anything?!  Days when even getting up out of a chair didn't seem quite worth the effort; when all you really wanted to do was just lie around in jammies all day, or perhaps take a nice long nap - in the middle of the morning!?  Well, welcome to my world right now!  I feel like a complete and total B.U.M.!!!!!

And yes, I realize that if I did get up and start "doing around", then I'd get more energy, and consequently feel better, and........yada yada yada........ain't gonna happen right now, I can tell you that!  Hey - I did open up the computer, log on and post this blog!!  What more do you want!?!?!

I found the cutest picture of Halloween cupcakes the other day in a magazine; I took a photo of them but now I can't remember which magazine they're in!  I have magazines (mostly my favorites from Stampington and Company) and books lying around everywhere, especially now that the holidays are approaching.  Oh well, I'll probably end up using my own recipe for the cake and just looking at the picture to do the little skeletons.
Oh.....I guess it would help if I showed you the picture, huh?

The heads are marshmallows and the bodies are just icing - I think! Anyway, that's what mine are gonna be cause it's a cinch I'm not gonna spend a whole lot of time looking for that recipe!  Well....Adios Amigos! Jan


  1. Love those cupcakes...and the part about not wanting to get up and do anything...that would be me for the past year! Hugs, Elaine

  2. Oh I can sooo empathize! But one of those cupcakes would certainly be a pick up! and so cute!

  3. Actually, since I am still recovering from my knee surgery, I'm feeling pretty "bummish" every day! I hardly even change my clothes to go to physical therapy!
    It's okay to be a bum once in awhile, but you actually do feel better when you get up and around!
    Those cupcakes look yummy!
    Take care Jan!