Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day - Sweet Surprises!!

Hi Everyone!  I've been out of the blogosphere for awhile, but today's fantastic surprises in the mail told me I simply had to get back!  I joined a Valentine's Day Swap, hosted by Laurie at her beautiful blog site,  I'm simply amazed at all the beautiful blogs out there, not to mention the fantastic talent !  Check out my surprises!

If the box looks this good, you can just imagine what the surprise inside is going to look like!

Isn't she ADORABLE!!??  This is Little Maggie, from Jean and Maggie at  Well, you'll never guess what I thought when I looked in the box!  Well, if you know me, you probably do know what I thought!  I'm a little bit slow sometimes and when I peeked inside and saw the lovely Scottish Terrier, I thought "Wow! Look what someone's sent me! And I don't even know them!  Why would they send me something so sweet?"  I wracked my little brain, trying to figure out why I was the recipient of such a lovely and thoughtful gift!  I checked my e-mail groups, but nothing was there from anyone named "Jean".  What in the world!!??  I checked my various correspondence and wondered if perhaps I'd won something in a giveaway?  No, not that!  Stranger and stranger!  All this despite the card enclosed from Jean that read, "Sending a little Scottie Valentine" and of course the box it came in that was literally covered in hearts!  Finally it dawned on me!  This is from the VALENTINE SWAP!! DUH!!!  I kept thinking I'd get a Valentine Card!  But sure enough, the instructions were plain as day - "any medium" could be used!  So Jean - this has broadened my idea of what is considered a Valentine and I so appreciate all the love you and Miss Maggie put into it!  It's truly lovely!  Now if I can just convince my Granddaughter that it's MINE!! Not hers!! 
Here's my offering!  A shabby chic Valentine Card with it's own little Pocket.  It looks smaller than it actually is; it's about 4" x 6" and I used paper this time, rather than fabric, for my crazy quilting!  If you've never sewn paper, try it! You're in for a treat because its much easier to work with.  And it works up much faster than cloth!  For some reason, I never realized a sewing machine could go through paper until I saw an example about a year ago!  That's all it took! I was thoroughly hooked!

Here's the reveres side!  Hope the recipient enjoys it as much as I do!  I really should make one for me!!

Here's a close-up of the card I created for inside the pocket!  I had actually made something completely different, but when I finished it, I just didn't care for it at all!!  So....."Back.....I say back to the ole drawing board!!"  I'm MUCH happier with this! The message is on the reverse!  What do you think? 

I also joined another swap, this time a Heart Swap!  It was hosted by Debbie at

Before I go further, please keep Debbie's husband in your prayers! He's been in critical condition due to a sudden onset of infection in his stomach.  We've got him on prayer lists from as far away as Denmark! 

Here's the fabulous heart I received, from Dorthe at!  Isn't it amazing?  I saw a photo of it on Debbie's blog earlier; she was posting all the hearts she'd received and I thought to myself how much I'd LOVE to receive this particular heart.  But I told myself I couldn't possibly be that fortunate so I wouldn't even let myself think about it!  And here it is!  Dorthe - it's so beautiful!  And now I have a new friend - in Denmark no less!!

And here's the beautiful heart Debbie created as a gift to all the swap partners!  We kept telling her not to worry about anything because we knew she needed to spend time taking care of her husband in the hospital.  And we certainly didn't want to stress her out any further.  But sweet and wonderful lady that she is, she said she actually needed this to keep her mind and hands busy during this difficult time!  What a truly wonderful and sweet spirited lady!  You and your husband remain in all our prayers Debbie!

Here the hearts are together! I keep looking over at them and thinking how fortunate I am to know such wonderful women!  Wouldn't they look lovely framed?  Hmmmmmm......not a bad idea at all!!

Hope this finds everyone happy and well, if a bit frozen! We had our third significant snow fall for Alabama night before last!!  About 3 inches or so.  We usually see snow maybe once every 10 years here!  So we're definitely getting our fill of it!  I just keep thinking about all those nasty little bug eggs freezing in the ground!!  At least that's what I'm hoping is happening! 

May God Bless and Happy Valentine's Day to All,  Jan