Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring is Springing!

Happy Spring Everyone!  And Daylight Savings Time (which sounds weird considering we just lost an hour! Phooey!)  Wanted to share photos of my flowering weeping cherry trees!  What do you think?

Isn't it amazing? I didn't help Nigel select these, plant them or raise them, yet I told everyone they were mine!  Oh well, I'd let him take credit for them if they hadn't turned out okay! It's the least I could do! Ha Ha!!

We have three of these in the front garden, but my third photo didn't turn out well!  The branches go all the way to the ground if we let them!  And they look lovely at Christmas, with their bare branches!

Stunning!  I think I'm going to make this my desktop background! 
Yes, spring is definitely springing!  Hooray!!

Love and Blessings to All! Jan

Isabel in Mommy's Dress!!

Hi Everyone!  Just wanted to share some photos of Isabel wearing a dress that belonged to her Mommy, Laura!  It was always a favorite of mine so I saved it on the chance that one day I'd have a granddaughter!  And voila!  Here she is!!
So grown up!  I need to find the photos I have of Laura in this dress!!
Then you can see how much the two look alike!  It's uncanny!

Isabel LOVES the camera!  And quite frankly - with the advent of my blog - I've never taken so many photos in my life!! Interestingly enough, I used to HATE cameras!!  Come to think of it - I still do when they're taking pictures of me!!  But if I'm the one behind the lens, I'm quite happy!!

Taking a candid shot takes a lot of patience because as soon as Isabel sees the camera come out, she starts smiling like the cat that ate the canary!!

Isabel's new Nancy Drew Scrapbook!  It's based on the first two or three books of Nancy Drew.  Isabel also started reading the Nancy Drew series and she likes it.  For some odd reason, I never read "Nancy Drew" myself. I know! I'm weird! But if Isabel continues to enjoy them, I'll start reading them myself!

Great news everyone!!  My youngest daughter, Liz, is engaged and getting married on 18 June 2011.  She's asked Isabel to be a Flower Girl!  Isabel is extremely excited, dancing through the house, singing "I'm going to be a Flower Girl! La La La La La La!!"  Then she came up to me and asked, "Gummy, what's a Flower Girl?"  Doesn't matter though; Isabel is still happy as can be!  And so are Nigel and I!  Yikes!  June is just around the corner!!  Gotta run!!  Love and Blessings to All! Jan