Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wacky Day at School!!

To celebrate the last week of school before summer break, Horizon Elementary (where my granddaughter Isabel attends) had special events each day.  Thursday was "Wacky Dress Day" and I wanted to show you just how WACKY we got!!

This kind of reminds me of a Batman film gone terribly wrong! like my taste in clothes, do you???

 How do you like my pink and black lace fingerless gloves?  Ms. Sherry helped convince Gummy into letting me get them last weekend in Murfreesboro!  Ms. Sherry said she didn't do any such thing, but Gummy didn't believe her one little bit!!

Isn't this neat writing on my legs? Gummy used eyebrow pencil on me!  I wish I could draw pictures on my legs all the time!  Maybe I'll get tattoos!!  At Easter, I got a Tinkerbell Tattoo!!  Until next year then.....

See!  Life with Isabel is always COLORFUL to say the least!!

Take care everyone, have a lovely and safe Memorial Day Weekend, and may God bless! Jan