Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's a Pity Party Day!!

Yes, I've had a pity party day today.  You know the kind - when every little thing seems to go wrong.  Nothing big really.  Just little bits and pieces that keep adding one on top of the other.  First I arrived late to work.  Only about 15 minutes, but it bothers me because it seems (at least to me and very likely to others) that I've been doing that more frequently of late.  "Back in the day", if I was on time, I considered myself late.  And if I was early, I considered myself on time!  These days I drag myself in by the scrape of my teeth!  (Quite the visual picture there, isn't it?!)

Then comes the news that my cholesterol is too high and my doctor wants to meet with me to "discuss my options."  Great!!  Just what I needed!  This was preceded by the news a few days previously that my blood pressure is getting a little too high, my eyesight is much worse this year than last so I need yet another new eyeglass prescription,  my weight is seemingly out of control, and I have what I sincerely hope is nothing more than arthritic knees, but I've been referred to a specialist to check for certain!!  Cool huh?

Oh - I know I'm just being silly and feeling sorry for myself, and I know it's certainly the time now to count my innumerable blessings.  I'm extremely fortunate and I'll be the first to admit it.  But even so, today was just one of those days!  Which seems to have been following quite a number of those days.

Waaa! Waaa! Waaa!  (this is supposed to sound like a whine of sorts, but I'm not sure if I conveyed it properly!  Just picture a whiny little brat baby and you'll get the picture!

Well, enough of my woes.  So what have I done constructive lately, you ask?  It just so happens I'm slowly going through my studio and weeding through "unneeded bits" and trying my best to focus on what I really want to keep.  Do you know how hard it is for a person like me who saves all kinds of "stuff and things" in the event I may use it in a project "some time later"?  Yes, you very likely do!  So I'll take any tips you may have out there to help get me through this!!  The only thing I can think of is to try and look at the "stuff and things" as dispassionately as possible, decide if I have anything specific in mind that it would work with and, if I decide against it, I quickly rip it, crush it or crumple it so I can't change my mind and pull it out of the trash later o.  Naturally if I have anything I think someone else might use, I'll give it to them.  But most so far I've found is basically junk.  Yes Nigel.  I admit it. I have junk.  But so do you, so there!! :)

Well, now that I've thoroughly brightened your day and given you lots of uplifting thoughts, I'm going to go to bed!!  Now I ask you - where else can you have this much fun?!  Ha Ha

Adios Folks!  Jan