Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wedding Day!

The "kids" should be returning to New York tomorrow from their honeymoon cruise to the Bermuda Islands - that is, IF I remember the dates correctly, which I'm notoriously bad about.  After a few days in New York, they'll return to Seattle and settle into their first home together. 

Time has flown by so fast; surely it was only yesterday when.......

Well, enough of that.  Here are the very unprofessional photos I took, some the night before and some the day of the ceremony and afterward.   I'm greatly looking forward to the professional ones that were also taken.  It was a lovely wedding, family and friends surrounding the lovely couple.  Here are the photos!

Fabulous Dress! 

Fabulous Bride! Then again - I'm slightly prejudiced! Ha Ha

Close Up of Dress Bodice

Getting ready at the Church!!  "Haven't you taken enough photos Mom?"

Happy Couple During Picture Taking!

Izzy just had to get in this photo!
Practice Makes Perfect!

Lovely Flower Girl (AKA:  Fairy Princess)

This photo is for you, Mommy!! I love you and miss you! Hugs and Kisses! Isabel

Dancing Before the Ceremony (Don't ALL flower girls practice dancing first?)

Lovely Bouquet! I'm trying to figure out how to preserve it!

My handsome husband, my mom and my granddaughter - all in earnest consultation.  Can't we start soon?

My best friend Sherry and husband Joe came all the way from Murfreesboro, Tennessee for the wedding!!
Now that's what I call BEST friend (not to mention she's the sister I never had!)  Love you Sis!!

I created this swag from fabric Liz had picked out earlier.  Her friend Emile Edwards suggested running lights through it! Fabulous idea, but not the easiest thing to do because they kept snagging on the material!  However, a mother preparing for her daughter's wedding is never to be thwarted, and thwarted I certainly was not!!!  The only other thing I did was twine ivy through two candelabra.  The remainder of wedding preparations and decorations were created by Nancy, the groom's Mom.  Talk about talented!  I think they must have created the movie The Wedding Planner with her in mind!  And the reception was taken care of by Caroline Edwards, the Pastor's Wife (and Emile's and Rachel's Mom. Rachel and Emile were bridesmaids).  Fabulous food decorations! Fabulous room decorations! I can rest easy, knowing Liz is surrounded by lovely friends and family, even though she is so far away from home!

Of all the decorations, this is my absolute favorite!!  Jake is much taller than Liz and Nancy managed to find this cake topper with the bride standing on a suitcase!  Liz also frequently puts her hair up in ponytails to keep it off her shoulders! Simply adorable!!!

Little Wedding Keepsakes!  More of Nancy's artistry!  She also decorated the Flower Basket Isabel carried

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Enumclaw, Washington
Not the best photo of the ring set, but it was the best one I took!

Pew Bouquets - Nancy made 16 of these, for the ends of each pew! 

Two of My Three Princesses!!

Another of Nancy's thoughtful touches, although my photograph certainly does it no favors!!! Sorry Nancy!  Instead of everyone signing a book that would go unnoticed in a bookshelf, everyone got to leave a personal message on this large photograph of the two kids. Afterward it was placed in its frame!

A beautiful silver punch bowl!  Not sure who it belonged to, but I thought it was fabulous so I got a picture!

Getting ready!!

Proud Father of the Bride!

"The ceremony doesn't start till 2:00?!"

Being exceptionally good, especially considering everything that's going on!

Another special pose for my Mommy, who's in Afghanistan!  I Love You Mommy! Isabel

My Lovely Mommy, Liz' Grandma (AKA: Nana), and Isabel's Great Grandma (AKA: Nanners)

Beautiful silver, blue and white bouquets for the church pews - by Nancy!

Okay, so I love mints! Besides, the bowl was beautiful and these had the Kids' Initials! So there!! 

Candles - all decorated by Nancy - for the Bridal Party Table and the Other Tables!
 A lot of work! More importantly - a LOT of LOVE!! 

I was surrounded by talented women!  Caroline, who made fabulous displays of gorgeous fruits and cheeses, refreshments, etc., had these two forks set out, which my creative self immediately laid eyes on and asked why they were formed the way they were.  Then she showed me - see next photo!

They're place holders!  And much to my delight - Caroline gave me one of them!  Such sweet and loving people we met!  A lovely wedding!  And the beginning of a lovely union between two people very much in love! To the Honor and Glory of God! Amen!

Jan Fursdon