Monday, July 4, 2011

The Pledge of Allegiance by Francis Bellamy (Stitched by Isabel Fursdon)

Happy Independence Day Everyone!

A fitting completion this afternoon by my granddaughter Isabel.  Here's her stitched version of The Pledge of Allegiance, in multi-color threads!  She dedicates this piece to her Mommy, Laura, serving in Afghanistan.  She's spent many hours working on it, including on the airplane going to Seattle!  I'm very proud of her for "stitching it out" and I wanted to quickly post this photo for her before this very special day was over.  Go Isabel!!!  Be safe Laura!  Happy 4th of July Everyone! May God Bless, Jan

Old Glory - Long May She Wave!

This is the flag pin I wore on the day Nigel returned from the 1st Gulf War, on 13 May 1992.  And I've worn it every 4th of July since; I wear it now.  I remember some days after he returned, he said one of his greatest fears was that his children would end up over there too "because we hadn't finished the job".  And some 15 years later, our youngest (Liz) was in Kuwait and Iraq, and our oldest (Laura) is in Afghanistan today.

To Nigel. To Laura. To Elizabeth.  And to all our Military, past and present.......I salute you.  May God grant you His protection.  His armor.  His love.  Ad His everlasting peace.  Amen.

Jan Fursdon