Monday, September 19, 2011

Latest Creation from Fursdon House

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to show you my latest "completed" project at Fursdon House!  Seems like I have about 30 of them started and in various stages of completion, but this one made it through to the home stretch.  See what you think!

I did another one for Elise's older brother, Brian.  Then alone came little sister, so it's only natural I had to do one for her too!  I used chipboard letters, traced the shapes onto different papers, then glued the paper to the letter shapes.  Most of my time was spent trying to find papers I liked that went well together!  And of course I had to jazz it up a bit with some pretty flower stickers!  I already had the frame so it was a great re-do; it was originally a mirror! I just removed the mirror and put in plain glass.

Here's the one I did for Big Brother Brian last year! Here's that post:

Isn't this rosebud sweet?  One of my co-workers gave it to me Friday afternoon!  It's scent was Heavenly!!

It's Saturday morning and the bloom is opening up!  The "vase" is the top of a lipstick cover I had at work!

Sunday and it's completely open, still with a lovely scent!  Thank you Sandra!!!
One last photo before closing.  This is Thistle and Dundee, checking out the new deck and wondering what the new smell is! looks like a deck, feels like a deck, maybe it is a deck!!

Love and Blessings to All! Jan