Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ghosties and Ghoulies and Things That Go BUMP in the Night!!

Hard to believe another Halloween is almost here! But the weather today, a very chilly 48 degrees, left no doubt whatsoever! Here are pics of the decorations I put up this past weekend - some old favorites and a few new ones!
The Fun House I made last year with very PURPLE and very ORANGE glitter!
Detail of the front door - notice the door handle! A great way to dispose of "spare parts"! The ghouls in the
window are cut-outs from a magazine I glued to card stock, then glued to the back of doll house windows.
The Family Plot!  As my dear Uncle Ray would say:  People are just dying to get in!
Close-Up. I lost a gravestone that read "D. M. Bones". I'll have to find time somewhere and redo it.
This little skeleton tree is a new addition. Isn't it awful looking? And just perfect for my display!
 A new hilarious display for the top of the house - it's a bright PINK rubber skeleton with a headache!
Definitely an old favorite! Mom drew and cut out this witch from black construction paper when we were kids, about 37 years ago!! I added the green sequin eyes last year. Now Broom Hilda gets to ride off into the sunset! She still looks gorgeous, even after all this time! Thank you Georgie!! Love you!
Ghosts just hangin' around the place!  Isabel and I made them from cotton balls and bits of flimsy white cloth that draped easily. Though it doesn't show here, we drew black Sharpie faces on each one.
The Welsh Cupboard in all it's ghoulish glory!!
A new display on top of the oak chest, with both new and old favorites.  Remember the rock ghosts I painted last year?  They've become a fast favorite! And the new Pumpkin Clown in White is this year's fun addition!
Another view, with Isabel's artwork displayed on the wall behind.
Okay, so the Pumpkin Clown was one of TWO favorite purchases this year! Isn't this tree cool? It's wrapped in black velvet.  Because it's relatively flat, it takes up very little floor space. So I moved it from the top of this chest to the front of the living room bookcase. See the little mummies at it's base? Isabel and I made them!

Happy All Hallows Eve Everyone!!  Jan