Friday, October 21, 2011

Boo! Did I scare you?

The air is so lovely and crisp outside - my favorite time of year!  And when I walked outside just now, the air was heavy with wood smoke from a nearby fireplace! I must say I don't miss the mess of a wood burning fireplace, but I definitely miss the smells of one!

Had a lovely and extremely welcome surprise from my very best friend, Sherry, yesterday evening.  And it couldn't have come at a better time because I'd just gotten home after being involved in a minor car accident!  Minor to my Tundra pick-up truck (a speck of red paint from the other car on the ball tow bar) and major to the other car, a small Sonata.  It's back bumper was mostly torn off, with bits hanging from what seemed like threads; the back right tire was punctured and spewing air everywhere; and the back right door didn't appear as if it would ever open!  The whole thing was so upsetting, but I knew the most important thing was that nobody was hurt!  Thank God!

Anyway, back to my lovely surprise from Sherry:
Isn't he cute?  He brightened up my whole day!  So I decided to post some more fun photos!  Here they are!
Bored Out of My Gourd 1
Bored Out of My Gourd 2 
Bored Out of My Gourd 3 
Mr. Bojangles the Cat With Bow Tie by Isabel

Flying Happy Bat by Isabel
An authentic German Kitchen Witch! We bought her in Germany just before Nigel was deployed to the First Gulf War in 1990. My girls named her Witchy Poo.  Now I ask you - how can you NOT love this darling little Witchy Poo?  Her official job is to scare away bad spirits in your home!  That - and she makes a darn good Halloween greeting at the front door!
What a profile!! 
I made this Halloween candy bag for Isabel when she was one year old.  It went perfectly with her little cat costume, complete with little ears and a long curly tail! I got the bag pattern from Country Living Magazine.
And lastly - Mr. Sammy Simpkins!  Isn't he adorable? I want to have his attitude - just chillin' out on a stack of books, happy as can be! 

Happy Halloween! Jan