Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vintage, Spun Cotton Cupcake Toppers!

Try saying that three times quickly!  I found these at an antique shop in Seattle two years ago when I was visiting my daughter Liz.  Needless to say, I grabbed them up and thanked my lucky stars to have found them!
They originated from Japan and I remember seeing them on cupcake tops in bakeries when I was little (in the early 60's).  Money was scarce back then so a trip to the bakery was a very big deal.  Then, on "top" of everything else (pun intended!), to see these darling little toppers - I admit I still remember the absolute thrill and awe of just being able to stand in front of the glass pastry cabinets and stare at them!  It's a wonder I ever made up my mind which one I wanted, although the cake could have tasted like cardboard for all I cared; it was the toppers that did it for me! 
I think this little devil is my favorite! I love his frowning little face! 
I vaguely remember seeing a ghost topper when I was little.  And these little pumpkins are simply so sweet!  In particular, I find the discoloration on the bottoms of the "sticks" most charming because it tells me they were used instead of put away just to admire.  I can just imagine the delight they must have caused to little boys and girls.  How sweet those memories are!

Happy All Hallows Eve! Jan